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A complete set of tutorials that teach how to create procedural textures within Nuke. I have used planets as examples but these can be used to produce almost any kind of texture.

• Star-Field https://gum.co/HNOb

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to create a simple procedural Star-field in Nuke. It shows you how to work with channels, using masks, understanding floating-point representation of numbers and how you can you use them to get effective output. Most of the tutorial concentrates on showing you different ways of getting results.

The major nodes covered in this tutorial are the Noise and Grade node.

• Planet texture https://gum.co/xVhO

This is an advanced tutorial that covers procedural texturing in much more depth. Here we try to replicate a planet similar to earth with land, oceans, rivers, clouds, polar ice-caps, city lights and many more specific textures. With all the textures prepared I will show you how to create a seamless repetition of textures.

With all the textures prepared we will make use of additional channels to get all the details. We will also make use of a few expression nodes to get the exact output that we are looking for. All in all once you have finished this tutorial you should be able to create almost any natural texture like wood, marble and terrains procedurally.

Any suggestions, critiques and comments are always welcome.

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